Kansas City Is Growing & So Are We

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Welcome to a New Era of Real Estate Excellence in Kansas City with The Spradling Group at eXp Realty

Discover the Opportunity of a Lifetime in Real Estate with Us

Are you ready to be part of something truly special? In Kansas City, a real estate revolution is unfolding and The Spradling Group is at its helm. As the #2 team in the entire state of Kansas with eXp Realty and a Top 5 team in Kansas City, we're not just growing; we're redefining the industry.

Imagine joining a team that has sold over 1,000+ properties, where each of the 40+ members brings something unique to the table. Picture yourself being backed by a reputation solidified by hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Zillow. That's what awaits you at The Spradling Group here at eXp Realty.

At the core of The Spradling Group is a culture that's as dynamic as the market we dominate. We're a melting pot of ambition and expertise, driven by values that set us apart: the relentless pursuit of goals (Hungry), a grounded approach to achievement (Humble), and a strategic mindset (Smart). This blend is our ‘secret sauce’, combining rich lead generation, efficient systems, and robust support to help you realize your full potential.

A Bit About Us


eXp Team In Kansas

Top 5
Team In Kansas City

Total Properties Sold

Team Members

5 Star Zillow Reviews

5 Star Google Reviews

Immerse Yourself in a Culture of Excellence

Our Team:
A blend of passion, dedication, and expertise.

Our Core Values:
Hungry. Humble. Smart.

Our Secret to Success:
A trifecta of quality leads, efficient systems and unwavering support.

Why Agents Join

Grow your own business while leveraging the power of a well known and respected brand across the Kansas City metro area.

  • Structured Onboarding
  • Weekly virtual trainings and meetings
  • Private community for 24/7 peer-to-peer support.
  • Agent training program with on-demand training resources.
  • Accountability
  • The best leads in the city.

Why Top Agents are Flocking to Us

Being part of The Spradling Group means you get to expand your personal business while harnessing the strength of a renowned brand. Our onboarding process is seamless, ensuring you’re perfectly positioned for success from day one. Dive into a world of continuous learning with our weekly virtual trainings, and tap into a wealth of knowledge through our private community and on-demand resources, including 80+ hours a week of educational opportunities. Here, every agent receives the attention, resources, and support they need to excel, backed by the best leads that any team in Kansas City has to offer.

Our Agents

Are you a good fit for our team?

New Agents

Learn how to grow a successful real estate business with our training, while working and closing our high-quality leads. Lots of incredible opportunities for new agents.

Growing Agents

Grow your database/business with proven strategies from one of the top teams in the Kansas City metro area. Take your business to the next level.

Experienced Agents

Get the support, leads, and systems that you’ve been looking for for your business. Experience the freedom and success that you deserve.

Empower Your Business With Our Unique Approach

Your Identity, Supercharged by Our Tools & Leads

Finding Your Place in Our Team

Whether you're a new agent eager to learn the ropes, a growing agent looking to expand your business, or an experienced professional seeking support and freedom, The Spradling Group is your launchpad. We tailor our approach to fit your career stage and ambitions, ensuring that your journey with us is both fulfilling and successful.

What You Can Expect

No Worries, The Spradling Group Has You Covered!

Personal Marketing

  • Business Cards
  • Open House Signs
  • Custom Sign Riders
  • Social Media Announcements
  • Personal Website

Systems & Support

  • Full Admin Support
  • Step-by-Step Guides 
  • Open House System
  • A-to-Z Hands Off Closing System
  • Fantastic Preferred Vendors


  • Full Time Admin Support
  • Inside Sales Associate
  • Transaction Coordinators
  • Listing Coordinator
  • Database Manager

Listing Essentials

  • Complete Listing Coordination
  • Complimentary Home Staging
  • Fulltime Listing Coordinator
  • Professional Photos & Video
  • Professional Flyers

Coaching & Training

  • Weekly Team Meetings (Remote)
  • Spradling Connect (On-Demand)
  • Open Office Hours 2x Week
  • Monthly eXp State Meetings
  • eXp University (80+ hours/week)

...And Much More!

  • Networking Opportunities
  • Photo & Video On All Listings
  • Team Events
  • Client Appreciation Events
  • Showcase Listings on Zillow

Step into the Future of Real Estate

Whether you're just stepping into the real estate arena, looking to elevate your growing business, or a seasoned professional seeking a nurturing environment for your expertise, we have a spot for you. Each stage of your career is catered to with personalized support, leading-edge resources, and a community that champions your success. Joining The Spradling Group means becoming part of one of the top residential real estate teams in Kansas City. It's a step towards unparalleled success and professional fulfillment.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

138 Reviews

361 Reviews

The Spradling Group was built on the principle of a family mindset and achieving HUGE goals. We believe that becoming great, and creating massive results, can happen while having a good time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than everything else I've seen?

The Spradling Group stands out among Kansas City teams with its exceptional combination of abundant leads, efficient systems, and proven success. Our distinct value proposition is both straightforward and impactful: we encourage and support transformative growth within a setting that resembles a close-knit family.


What is in it for me?

Imagine a dramatic boost in your real estate sales performance, surrounded by the support of exceptional peers, and with access to first-rate leads that virtually assure success, but you must put in the work. Here, you don't just grow; you truly thrive.


How do I know this is real?

Having sold more than 1,300+ properties and expanded to a team of over 40+ agents, we've achieved significant milestones. We understand that, like many agents who were initially doubtful, you might have reservations. Therefore, the glowing testimonials from our clients and our prominent position in Heartland MLS rankings serve as a testament to our genuine commitment and effectiveness.

What's holding me back?

You might be settled in your comfort zone, but remember, true growth often lies beyond the familiar. Many agents hold on for reasons that, when examined closely, don't hold much weight or are even sometimes silly. We understand; we've heard them all. At The Spradling Group, we understand the opportunity we have for agents and we invite you to envision a larger goal for yourself, to strive for more, and to step beyond the ordinary confines that limit your potential.

Why now?

The real estate market waits for no one. Reactance, distrust, scrutiny, and inertia are your enemies. Don’t let the fear of change hold you back. We have an abundance of leads that we're ready to put in the hands of agents who are ready to go. Join us now and be part of something groundbreaking. The fear of missing out on this opportunity should be your motivator.


How does it work?

Joining us is like jumping on board a smooth-sailing ship. Everything from our systems to training and support is set up to make sure you succeed, without feeling swamped. We stick to what we know works best, making your move to our team easy and making sure you're setup and ready to go. 


How can I get started?

Taking the first step is really just about deciding to make the leap. Click here to schedule a call and we can hop on a Zoom to chat more about it, answer any questions you have, and if you're feeling ready, we can get the ball rolling right away. We're here to walk you through each stage, making sure your transition to our team is smooth and sets you up for success.


What do I have to lose?

The only thing you've got to lose is staying in the same spot. Think about your real estate career and all those choices you've made that got you here to this point. Now, it's your turn to make a call that shapes what's next. And hey, if for any reason it doesn't feel right, no sweat – just sign a piece of paper or two and you're free to go. No strings attached, no contracts keeping you tied down. Let's goooooo!!!


Ready for the Leap of a Lifetime?

Take the first step towards transforming your real estate career. Schedule a call with us today and discover how you can be part of this exciting journey. Click here to start your adventure with The Spradling Group, where your real estate dreams become realities. We’re looking for awesome agents to work with us.